Viña Albali Rosado Joven

Origin: Viña Albali Rosado is made exclusively from Tempranillo grapes. The grapes undergo controlled maceration which allows the skins to remain in contact with the must until the wine acquires its characteristic rosé colour. This
Rosado wine is as delicate and fresh as a young white, but at the same time
has the structure of a good red.

Winemaking: Viña Albali Rosado is made using the traditional Rosé method, combining the latest technology with careful attention to detail during each stage of the process, to ensure that it acquires its typical colour.

Tasting notes: With a characteristic rosé colour, this is a wine that is light, clean, fresh, and fruity. It maintains its original aroma of fresh fruit, which is typical of the Tempranillo variety. Well-balanced, this rosé is moderately acidic and has a clean, long-lasting finish.

Food pairing: Ideal with seafoods, fishes, soups. Best served cold, at 7 to 9º C.

Viña Albali Rosado Tempranillo 2008
- International Wine Challenge 2009. Bronze Medal.
- Decanter World Wine Awards 2009. Silver Medal.
- International Wine And Spirit Competitions 2009. Bronze Medal.
Viña Albali Rosado Tempranillo 2006
- C.R.D.O. Valdepeñas. Quality awards 2007. Bronze Medal. Young rosé
Viña Albali Rosado Tempranillo 2004
- Decanter World Wine Awards 2005. United Kingdom. Bronze Medal
- C.R.D.O. Valdepeñas. Quality Awards 2007. Bronze Medal. Young rosé