Félix Solís, S.A.

The story of Félix Solís, S.A. began with the professional career of Félix Solís Fernández who, in 1952, moved with his family to Valdepeñas, a town known for its long tradition of grapes and wine growing.

Here the Solís family, whose history in the wine business goes back to the late 19th century, purchased the renowned “Casa del Huerto del Cura”, where they began producing wine. Today the estate is known as “Viña Albali” and serves as the headquarters of Félix Solís, S.A.

In 1968 the regulatory body for the DO Valdepeñas, the second-most important Spanish wine region in terms of expertise and revenues, was set up and stated that producers had to produce and bottle their wines at their point of origin. At that point, the company relocated to its current location on the former national highway linking Madrid and Cádiz.

These days, with 50,000 barriques of American oak at various sites in Valdepeñas, Félix Solís, S.A. is one of the largest wine cellars.

In terms of marketing, it should be noted that seventy per cent of the wine sold outside Spain under the DO Valdepeñas label bears the Félix Solís, S.A. name. Our long list includes the brands Viña Albali, Albali Arium, Los Molinos, Diego de Almagro, Soldepeñas, Peñasol, Consigna, Orquestra and many more.

Félix Solís, S.L. + Pagos del Rey, S.L. = Félix Solís Avantis S.A.

Félix Solís Avantis is the holding company that is responsible for the logistics, joint services and marketing involved in the wine cellars belonging to Félix Solís, S.L. and Pagos del Rey, S.L.

Félix Solís, S.L. owns its own cellars in the Valdepeñas region and La Mancha, while the Pagos del Rey, S.L. cellar, opened in 2002 in Ribera del Duero, is also represented in the Rueda region and in the leading wine region, Rioja.

Félix Solís Avantis S.A. continues to be a family concern whose sole proprietors are the four Solís brothers. Besides its DO wines (Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Valdepeñas and La Mancha), the company has specialised in wines that are classified as ‘Vinos de la Tierra’ (wines from the land), Vinos de la Tierra Viñedos de España (regional wines), table wines, sparkling wines, Tintos de verano (summer wines with lemonade), Mostos (must or grape juice) and Sangrias, and these are sold in almost eighty countries via the well-developed, stable network of distributors and branch offices.

It has had its own cellar in Shanghai, China, since 1998 and also has logistics companies and dealerships in many other countries, including Japan, the USA, the Czech Republic, France, Great Britain and Germany. An article published in 2005 in the British journal ISWR put Félix Solís Avantis tenth in a ranking of vineyards in the still wines sector.