Its location on the Mediterranean coast lends the third-largest city in Spain a particular charm. Valencia, the capital of the region of the same name, has marvellous beaches with excellent water quality for bathing, while the nearby coastal mountain range and several nature reserves provide attractive excursion options.

Besides its geographical appeal, this university city offers a wide range of cultural options. The lengthy domination by the Moors has left architectural vestiges everywhere.  Valencia also has a great number of museums and galleries. One more recent attraction is the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, the "City of Arts and Sciences". This futuristic project comprises an extravagant opera and music hall, a 3D cinema/planetarium, a science museum and the largest aquarium in Europe.

Given the mild evening temperatures, the idea of enjoying a glass of wine in the fresh air in the squares and streets is extremely tempting. The Barrio del Carmen district in the old town might be said to be the centre of Valencia's nightlife. Here you will find quiet restaurants as well as modern bars and clubs. At the beach, too, there are many appealing spots for one to enjoy, for example, the world-famous paella Valenciana which has been adopted by all of Spain and much of the world.